Because Truth Matters

Proof’s community will lead the frontier in the battle against untruthful content. We are building a platform which leverages the wisdom of the crowds to establish truth.

About Proof

Where It All Began

While researching blockchain technologies and its possibilities, Luigi and Chris envisioned a new type of editorial system, where people (referred to as Voters) are incentivized to vote on the truthfulness of content. Both founders, spending the majority of their careers studying market behavior as practitioners and academics, quickly recognized that the wisdom of crowds and the shared economy can be used to assist in uncovering truth in content.

Proof is, at its most basic core, a market based platform using the wisdom of crowds, a shared economy, well designed incentives, applied microeconomic theories and a strong governance system to create a unique, inexpensive and scalable solution to solve society’s problem of untruthful content.

Proof is currently in development with its alpha version coming to the market in Q4 2018.

Proof is an online platform where a community is incentivized to submit, research and vote on the truthfulness of content.

This is Proof

Proof is being developed for multiple users (community members) who can engage and receive incentives for their work. There are three community member roles within the Proof ecosystem: Submitters, who provide us content that they believe is questionable and are relying on our community to vote on the factual content of the article. Readers come to the platform because they value vetted content and the experience of the community’s proprietary news analytics. The final community member role is the Voter, who reviews and votes on content as part of a larger community driven effort to ascertain facts. Each of these members are incentivized towards good behavior and some of which are paid for their work.

By leveraging various concepts, including blockchain, cryptographic schemes and applied microeconomics,  Proof was conceptualized to secure access to truthful content in text, video and photographic form.

We believe people equipped with the truth will improve the world.

The Need for Proof

In the mid-1990’s, the common held belief was that the internet would democratize the creation and distribution of content supported by a new advertising model.  While this did occur, what many failed to anticipate was that there may be a need for a global editorial system, built with the same industrial scaling capabilities of the publishing tools themselves. In many ways, content has been weaponized by people, groups, publishers and countries for purposes of generating clicks, destroying personalities, modifying elections, or lying for the sake of self-interest.

The Wisdom of the Crowds

The wisdom of crowds is also referred to as collective intelligence. Under the appropriate conditions aggregated individual decisions provide highly reliable judgments which over time are greater than any one individual by themselves. Since its early adoption in economics, the wisdom of crowds has been utilized in political science, sociology, psychology and other disciplines to solve simple to complex problems.

Partnered with Reflective Ventures

Reflective Ventures  has partnered with Proof and has committed a seed investment to build out the Proof ecosystem.

The Proof Team

Christopher W. Young


As co-founder of a startup my role is, well, undefined. My daily task is to help build our Proof community, to understand what excites them about the platform, or what can be enhanced. Read More

Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo


For the past eight (8) years, I held various positions including my role as a Trader at Citigroup, specializing in equity securities and credit derivatives. Read More

Michele Leppard

Marketing Director

As the Director of Marketing at Proof, I will be focusing on engaging and growing our new community members. Prior to my role at Proof, I held various positions in both sales and marketing driving corporate growth, innovation and great relationships.Read More

Paolo D’Onorio DeMeo


Prior to my role as the Chief Technology Officer at Proof, I was a senior full stack developer having led teams with various flagship projects such as EUDAT, EOSC-hub, Human Brain and SeaDataCloud. Read More

Piotr Grzesik

Fullstack Developer

I am a Full Stack Developer with strong DevOps background, currently working for Proof. During my career, I worked on a variety of different projects, mostly connected to e-commerce, energy trading and blockchain technologies.


Mateusz Probachta

Fullstack Developer

I’m a Full Stack Developer with blockchain and solidity experience, currently working for Proof. Throughout my career, I had a chance to work with programming languages, like Python, Javascript, Solidity, Go, Clojure and most recently Rholang.

Because Truth Matters